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Latest Health, Beauty and New Products

Posted: Wed 22 Mar 17

Moisturising Nappy Change Cream

AROMABABY Moisturising Nappy Change Cream provides a natural alternative to zinc-based, natural nappy rash products.

Posted: Wed 22 Mar 17

Bioceuticals UltraBiotic Urinary Care

ULTRABIOTIC Urinary Care from Bioceuticals delivers cranberry and L.

Posted: Wed 22 Mar 17

Inner Health for Kids

ETHICAL Nutrients Inner Health for Kids provides a high potency probiotic powder for children to support a normal healthy gastrointestinal system.

Posted: Wed 22 Mar 17

New topical anaesthetic: Numit

EGO Pharmaceuticals has launched Numit 5% cream, a topical anaesthetic containing 2.5% lidocaine (lignocaine) and 2.5% prilocaine.

Posted: Wed 15 Mar 17

Birthday girl gift set – by Philosophy

PHILOSOPHY birthday girl gift set presents Philosophy's vanilla birthday cake shampoo, for a tangle-free deep cleanse experience and Philosphy's shower gel & bubble bath for a wonderful all-over pampering indulgence.

Posted: Wed 15 Mar 17

UltraBiotic Pregnancy Care

MOTHERS pass on good bacteria to their babies while in the womb and later during breastfeeding, according to studies revealing the power of probiotics for babies.

Posted: Wed 15 Mar 17

Instinct by David Beckham

INSTINCT by David Beckham blends Italian bergamot, orange and mandarin for an uplifting opening.

Posted: Wed 15 Mar 17

Southernature Evening Primrose Oil

EVENING Primrose Oil (EPO) contains essential fatty acids traditionally used to moisturise and nourish the skin.